About Exodus Dynamics

Engineering The Dynamics Of Technology

   Exodus Dynamics is a world leader in design and manufacturing of Microwave & mm-wave components and RF sub assemblies for aerospace, industrial, defense, telecom, and government use. The company was founded by Shaun Adel, who has 28 years of expertise in management, engineering, design, and manufacturing of Microwave & mm-wave Phase Locked Oscillators, Synthesizers, Amplifiers, Multipliers and Frequency Converters. Exodus Dynamics’ skilled Hybrid and Discrete assemblers and technicians provide the foundation of highly reliable products offered by the company.

   Exodus Dynamics is a proud supplier to many of the nation’s top aerospace and defense companies. We take pride in our quality 100% U.S.A. made High-Precision Microwave and Millimeter Wave components. With a rugged design and 2 year warranty, our products are built to last and stands us apart from our competitors.

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